Social Values

For the entire team of Pro-Construct, besides professional quality, corporate social responsibility and value proposition are just as important creeds. We stand every year behind a socially important goal, with the intention of supporting civil society organizations and groups of people with whom  we have common thoughts, whose problems touch us, with whom we are sympathetic and who we want to learn from. The needy groups, the people we met, or the people we've always helped give us an example of their endurance, their extraordinary love of life, their ingenuity or their all-embracing humor. We often have touching and instructive moments together.

We believe in this company and we also do it as a colleague to never forget that we are primarily people, companions, members of smaller and larger communities and we are always responsible for each other!

Our corporate social responsibility programs are shared with our corporate partners every year at Christmas time.

Get some examples of past years' programs through our Christmas greeting cards: