About us

Dear Visitor,

Pro-Construct Zrt was established in 2009 by the shared commitment of Hungarian professionals who had been working for several years with high level of expertise in various segments of the construction industry and had achieved significant success. Our objective is to distinguish ourselves on the Hungarian construction industry market as a new patch of diversity. The token of our success is that we combine our experience acquired through many years, and we provide the thereby developed knowledge base, which covers the entire spectrum of the construction industry, to our Clients on a high quality standard for low, competitive prices.

Development diagram (2009-2016)

The economic crisis made the achievement of our objectives considerably more difficult. Today we can state that as a result of dynamic development our company has references in multiple fields, including the construction of industrial buildings, construction in the private sector, and not the least importantly civil engineering and specialized road construction.

Perfect quality is guaranteed not only by our expertise, but also by the MSZ EN ISO 9001: 2015, MSZ EN ISO 14001: 2015 and MSZ ISO 45001: 2018 systems, which were introduced in 2010 and have been operated and expanded since then.



Integrated policy

I hope that I have raised your interest for our company. I am confident that you will be among our satisfied Clients in the near future. Until then, please request a proposal from us and view our below listed references!



Yours faithfully,

György Házkötő